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Drag Racing Videos Crashes Wheel Stands

Drag Racing Videos Crashes Wheel Stands

Duration : 0:1:21

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  1. jimmylayers say:

    That last one …
    That last one sucked….that was a nice car…but it was stupid of him to wack the throttle while he was out of the groove….

  2. wildbloodydragon say:

    If I ever build a …
    If I ever build a drag car this fast and this sick I’d put guards en on it. Seriously…

  3. 747Z06 say:

    Yep the 1st video …
    Yep the 1st video is me up in Kinston, NC at a 10.5 shootout. Think that was back in 2005.

  4. Wildkkat1 say:

    Once you have to …
    Once you have to lift, don’t get back in it! 20/20 hindsite. 300″ dragsters can get away with it sometimes?

  5. ihateyoujeffy say:

    if your gonna get …
    if your gonna get back in it…. get in the groove first.

  6. 1320runner say:

    Of course he wrecks …
    Of course he wrecks. Why clean the windshield… sombitch can’t see past the injector hat! lol

  7. 64GoatMan say:

    Thats too bad. He …
    Thats too bad. He just wants to put on a show with out wreaking the f-ing car.

  8. 450wanter say:

    If he had not have …
    If he had not have gotten back in the throttle he would’ve wrecked. He was out of the groove. Then he over corrected.

  9. Ifukturmom1 say:

    I’ve seen this …
    I’ve seen this hurst go down the track 100 times at our local track he has wrecked more than Ive seen him make a full pass

  10. Tuningfreak899 say:

    0:43 O_O
    0:43 O_O

  11. davidm540 say:

    hey old skool i …
    hey old skool i agree with you ,too bad ,it was a nice car , i send you this mail becuase i wanna start a friend ship with you ,you see i’am davidm540 stand for big block wichmy friend call me ,i notice your old skool , i am from Aruba , i am a v8 man , just love v8′s i do have one 4cyl ,but all m y cars are hot rods and pro street, let’s talk about cars bro….

  12. davidm540 say:

    if the guy in the …
    if the guy in the back ,that open his mouth part of the crew ,if hi can do it better , let him drive that beast ,to see,if he has the balls to handle it …..

  13. MidnightNSavannah say:

    I guess wiping the …
    I guess wiping the windsheld was useless then.There is ALOT of money in that hearse!

  14. oldskoolchevelle say:

    i was there for …
    i was there for that crash. i couldnt believe he wrecked..it was such a nice car

  15. dc4796 say:

    i heard him say god …
    i heard him say god d@^^ ^^]+

  16. Zaxas71 say:

    The first one …
    The first one definitely looked like it was probably only an 1/8 mile run

  17. lfsaussie say:

    was that first drag …
    was that first drag strip 1/4 mile.. it looked small

  18. johncsmith711 say:

    not a wagon. Its a …
    not a wagon. Its a hurst

  19. 0304951196 say:

    now this is a funny …
    now this is a funny vid and at the end when that ugly wagon carshed omg!!!

  20. hilltop530 say:

    you never pedal …
    you never pedal back in.
    Damn shame was a beautiful Hurst.

  21. thugline06 say:

    first car on the …
    first car on the video is our home town hero car always stands up like that get em dean

  22. javierbuenrostro1234 say:

    que buen video

    que buen video

  23. khh1964 say:

    That’s exactly what …
    That’s exactly what I would say hahaha

  24. weirdalcrazy2timbuk3 say:

    that last car was …
    that last car was somethin else.

  25. Dylan6119 say:

    “”"ahhhh dammit”” …
    “”"ahhhh dammit”””” lol

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